Meals for a Month – Week 1

Week 1 of my Meals for a Month plan went really well. I ended up with just the right amount of food, and didn’t need to spend a lot of time thinking about about what I was going to eat, as I had already made most of those decisions.

So what did I eat during week 1?

Apple Dijon kale salad with cornbread
Creamy beet salad
Pineapple fried rice
Veggie burgers with these buns
Home made pizza (using this cast iron pizza dough recipe/method)
Black bean brownies  (okay, not part of the ‘meal plan’, but I still made ’em and ate ’em)
Slow cooker black bean soup

Both the veggie burger and the black bean soup were from my freezer and were only eaten one time. The other items were made “fresh” during the week and were eaten at several meals. As you can see, I’m not including breakfast (or snacks) in the meal plan, but I most certainly am eating breakfast every day (and snacks too), I just wanted to keep the plan simple to start out.

Overall, week 1 was a success. Week 2 starts today and I am realizing that the three main meals I have planned all use curry.  Might need to switch one of them up if I can find a substitute meal that I happen to have the ingredients for.

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